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Brain Freeze Ain’t for Sissies is the first book in the Dinwiddie Dunn and his Bowlegged Sons series. This rhyming, children’s book is about a hillbilly cowboy named Dinwiddie Dunn and his bowlegged sons who spend an afternoon at the Ice Cream Saloon and experience brain freeze for the very first time. Dinwiddie has very poor eyesight, Dean-O stutters and has problems learning, Davy lost two fingers in a horrible roping accident. The tough but lovable Dunn boys have their imperfections – like all of us – but don’t let those things bother them or get in the way of enjoying life.

Dinwiddie Dunn

Dinwiddie Dunn is a hillbilly cowboy and the father of two boys, Davy and Dean. Dinwiddie has spent his whole life on the family ranch raising cows and horses. He is bowlegged and wears glasses to help him see. Dinwiddie loves his old cowboy hat! And even though it has holes, he doesn’t want another. He also wears a rope for a belt because you never know when you might need a rope. No one knows exactly how old Dinwiddie is since they can’t find his birth certificate. Dinwiddie is a great father and loves his sons very much.

David D. Dunn

Also affectionately called “Eight-fingered Dave,” after losing the middle and ring finger of his right hand while learning to rope. Davy is the oldest of the Dunn brothers (13 years old), wears overalls and an old hat like his Pa.

Dean “Dean-O” Dunn

Also affectionately known as “Dimwitted Dean” since he has trouble learning. Dean is the youngest of the Dunn brothers (11 years old) and has flaming red hair, severe overbite and a stuttering affliction. Dean is taller and thinner than Davy, wears overalls with only one strap, and doesn’t like to wear a hat.

Frances the Waitress

Frances is the pretty, blonde waitress at the Ice Cream Saloon. She wears a blue waitress uniform, white apron, and comfortable shoes. Frances is the hero of the story who introduces the boys to brain freeze remover!

Glossary of Hard Words

Bowlegged (BOH-lay-ghid)- when your legs have an outward curve, like they look when you are riding a horse.

Dimwitted (DIM-wih-ted) – slow thinking, has trouble learning

Ice Cream Saloon (suh-LOON; sounds like balloon) – place for cowboys to get together and order ice cream and ice cream drinks

Sorbet (sore-BAY; sounds like doorway) – mushy, icy, frozen dessert made from fruit

Parfait (par-FAY) – dessert with layers of ice cream and pudding or cream or fruit

Frappe (frap-PAY) – partly frozen, icy drink

Mango (MAIN-go; sounds like rainbow) – a orange/red fruit that tastes like a peach and cantaloupe together

Guava (GWA-vuh; sounds like lava) – a small yellow/pink fruit that tastes like pear and strawberry together

Knack (NAHK; sounds like sack) – a talent for something; able to do something well

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